DIY-Kits for your Cat Enclosure

Frameless enclosure kits from Catnip present a great option if you are wanting a simple solution that is easy to construct, and therefore easy to dismantle and move home with you.

The innovative design means the enclosures have the least possible visual impact and may be assembled to be free standing or may be attached to the house also allowing your fur babies direct access to an indoor environment.

Because our enclosures may have zero to minimal impact on existing infrastructure they are ideally suited for rental homes and village environments.

All of our DIY-KITS contain steps and hammocks for a fully furnished outdoor home.   If you wish to discuss your options or need further advice, please use our contact link on the home page. 

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Remember that Catnip Australia is a family-owned business and is based in regional Victoria. Proudly bearing the Australian Made Logo, our originally designed and built enclosures have continued to stand the test of time since 1993.

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