Large Kit


  • Climber Module (170cm H x 170cm L x 85cm W)
  • Tower (170cm H x 85cm L x 85cm W)
    Tower and Climber modules both have a door for easy access
  • Toilet (60cm H x 65cm L x 65cm W)
  • Toilet has a lift up lid for cleaning
  • 3 x Aerial Tunnels (170cm L x 40cm H x 30cm W – each)
  • 1 x Triangle Mesh Hammock (69cm x 69cm x 97cm
  • 1x Large Mesh Hammock (53cm x 85cm)
  • 5 x Small Steps (85cm x 14cm x 1.9cm – each)
  • 1 x Large Step (170cm x 14cm x 1.9cm)
  • Fastening Pliers & Clips
  • Can of Touch Up Paint
  • Instructions

Galvanised Mesh $2,102
Powder Coated $2,683

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Great size for cat lovers with two or more furry friends. This kit includes one large and small enclosure and the perfect answer to getting the kitty litter outside with our toilet module. The toilet module has a covered lift up lid so your litter tray stays dry and great access for cleaning. The toilet module can be attached to the enclosure by either a short piece of tunnel or one of the long ones. Tunnels can also be cut to size or joined to make a longer length. If attaching to a window or wall and need to turn a corner with a tunnel, no problem as the instructions are included for this. Both enclosures open up in concertina style and need to be clipped down one side and then the roof clipped on with pliers and clips supplied.

Galvanised or powder coated to match your home or surrounding areas. Powder Coating can be done in a range of colourbond colours. When ordering online don’t forget to tell us what colour you want.

*Hooks & Screws supplied & fitted to Steps & Hammock
*Climber has a door for easy access
*Hole to attach tunnel is not precut into Climber modules

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Galvanised Mesh, Powder Coated

Powder Coated

Over 20 Colourbond colours available.

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