Connection To The House

Your cat enclosure is connected to your house with a pet door.

Pet doors and be installed through a wall or in a window. Your cat can come and go as it pleases to various modules and tunnels in your garden, on your balcony or even on a roof!

Pet door inserts can be fitted into sliding glass doors.

Catnip Australia Module Connected To House
Catnip Australia Cat Enclosure
Cat Run Catnip Australia

Rental Properties

Our enclosures are perfect for rental situations.

If you move house, they can easily be dismantled and taken to your next house. Pet doors can be fitted in sliding or sash windows and sliding glass doors.

Freestanding modules can be installed with minimal or no fixing and drilling. If you move house, they can easily be dismantled and taken to your next house.

Rental Properties Cat Enclosures Cat Runs Catnip Australia
Rental Property

Retirement Villages

Today, an increasing number of retirement and lifestyle villages allow prospective residents to move in with their pet cat if they have a cat enclosure.

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Retirement Climber Kit
Retirement Village 1.
Retirement Village Tower Kit

Balconies and Small Spaces

Our modules are well suited to balconies and small areas.

Climber on Balcony
Balcony Sprowart

Suspending Modules on Walls

If space is limited or there is no ground access modules can be suspended on walls.

Modules can be suspended on walls instead of fixed to the
ground if snakes are a problem in your area.

The narrow space alongside a house can be used to suspend modules and still have access to a hot water service or air conditioner.

Modules and tunnels can be installed to allow access to a pet door on a second storey.

Module suspended
Exit Box on wall of 2 storey house
Stepped Aerial Tunnel
Climber suspended on wall
MOdules Suspended
Aerial Tunnel 2 storey red brick house

This is custom heading element

Aerial Tunnels connect to the house and to various modules which can be placed just about anywhere!

They are extremely versatile and can change direction and levels easily; even up to a cat door on the upper level of a house.
They can run up high under the eaves, along walls or fences and through trees.

They can be used as ramps.

They can be placed up high over pathways so that you can walk underneath
An aerial tunnel can span 4 metres without requiring any support.

Tower on Verandah
Aerial Tunnel galvanised
Tunnel inside view
Cloud in Tunnel
Aerial Tunnel Right Angle Corner

Tall Modules & Modules on the Roof

Some of our modules can be extended in height to reach up under the eaves or to make aerial tunnels higher to walk under.

Climbers and Towers are used most often to extend in height.

Playground modules can be placed up on a roof for that extra vantage point or if ground area is limited.

Modules can also be extended in height to get aerial tunnels up high and modules onto a roof.

Module on roof PC
Tall Climber on Sleepers
Playground on roof
Tall Climber
Roof Top Module
Tall Tower & Playground on roof

Cat Enclosure Steps

Steps encourage cats to jump and exercise and give access to all of a module and not just the floor area.

Steps 1.
Steps Hunter
Climber suspended on wall

Cat Enclosure Hammocks

Our hammocks are just purrfect for snoozing!

Choose either triangle which is great for one cat or a large rectangle hammock that 2 cats can snuggle up on. Cats love them!

Jaxson on Hammock
Milly 5 Sept 05

Gables & Covers

Gables & Covers provide shade and some weather protection.

*Never cover your modules with a tarp or plastic as these will fill with water and damage the modules.

Climber with Gable & Cover SHAH
Climber with Gable & Cover COOINDA
Retirement Village Tower Kit

Larger Doors

The Shadehouse, Tower and Climbermodules can be supplied with a larger door which allows easier and more frequent access.

*Available in hot galvanized dip only
*Not available in powder coating

Retirement Climber Kit

Floor of The Module


Paving, pebbles or sleepers are essential for maintaining your modules.

If installed on grass or dirt cats will use this area as a toilet which will become very smelly.  The grass is also very difficult to maintain.

Shadehouse around Tree Stump
Tower on Paving
Climber with Gable & Cover


Large pebbles or stones are available in many colours and
can be used instead of  pavers.

Climber on Pebbles
Tall Tower on Pebbles


Modules can be fixed down to an existing deck or a timber base can be used
if ground is uneven or modules are unable to be fixed to tiles or pavers.

Tower with timber base
Tower on deck


Redgum sleepers can also be used for the base of modules.

Cats love to scratch them too!

Tower on Redgum Sleepers
Paving & Sleepers

Cat Enclosure Modules

Cats can move freely from the house to different modules.  As they get to choose where and when they want to go their sense of being contained diminishes.

They can be placed anywhere in the garden, balcony or even on a deck or a roof.

Modules are furnished with steps for jumping and climbing and hammocks for resting on. A variety of modules and sizes are available and some of them can even be extended in height.


The Playground module is perfect for installing on a roof or up high as cats love to be high!

Galvanised Playground on Fence
Playground on Shed Roof - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures


Towers can be used if space is tight or they can fit neatly into a corner.

Pet doors can exit directly into a Tower before joining to other modules via aerial tunnels.

Tower with Paving - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures
PC Tower on Paving - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures


The Climber module is great if you are only able to have one module or
it can be part of a larger system of modules and tunnels.

Climber on deck - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures
Climber galvanised - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures


The Shadehouse is the largest of our modules and is perfect if you have 3  or more cats.  It can be used as one module on it’s own or add tunnels and modules for a larger area.

Shadehouse galvanised - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures
Shadehouse - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures

Toilet and Cover

The Toilet module means no more smelly litter in the house!

They come with a cover and are tall enough to fit a covered cat tray with a swing door for extra privacy and weather protection.

Toilet & Cover with tray - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures
Toilet PC White - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures

Exit Box

Exit Boxes are used to get your cats up high from a low pet door up and
over a path or down from a 2nd storey house to an enclosure in your yard.

Exit Box from 2nd Floor - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures
Exit Box Evans - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures

London Bridge

The London Bridge is a great way to join modules over a pathway or to
make a feature in your garden.

London Bridge - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures
London Bridge Stepped Floor - Catnip Australia Cat Enclosures