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Get started with this great enclosure
for your feline friends!

Our DIY Starter Kit is a great way to start your Cat Park with the ability to add on at any time. This Kit is Ideal for Two Cats and can be connected to a Window so the Cats have access to the House, or the Tunnel can be used in a Garden to give the Cats room to wander and explore.

The Kit comes complete with everything needed to put together and step by step instructions, and takes about 30 minutes to complete. All you need to do is clip down one side then clip the Roof on and decide where you would like to put the Tunnel. Our Enclosures are from 100% Australian Steel and offer a 10 year Warranty on the Enclosures.

Tip: Buying the kit is better value for money than purchasing individual modules.

Don’t know what finish to choose?
The Galvanised Mesh is a standard choice, though if you would rather a more lasting finish the Powder Coated option is the one for you. Powder Coated products are available in 20 different colours.

Galvanised Mesh $917
Powder Coated $1,167

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When you purchase a starter kit, you get:

  • Climber (180cm H x 170cm L x 85cm W)
  • Climber module has a door for easy access
  • 1 x Aerial Tunnel (180cm L x 40cm H x 30cm W)
  • 1 x Large Mesh Hammock (53cm x 85cm)
  • 1 x Large Step (170cm x 14cm x 1.9cm)
  • 3 x Small Step (85cm x 14cm x 1.9cm – each)
  • Fastening Pliers & Clips
  • Can of Touch Up Paint

*Hooks & Screws supplied & fitted to Steps & Hammock
*Climber has a door for easy access
*Hole to attach tunnel is not pre-cut into Climber modules

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Galvanised Mesh, Powder Coated

Powder Coated

Over 20 Colourbond colours available.