Small Kit


  • 2 x Towers (170cm H x 85cm L x 85cm W)
    Both Tower modules have a door for easy access
  • 2 x Aerial Tunnels (170cm L x 40cm H x 30cm W)
  • 2 x Triangle Hammocks (69cm x 69cm x 97cm)
  • 6 x Small Steps 85cm x 14cm x 1.9cm – each)
  • Fastening Pliers and Clips
  • Can of Touch Up Paint
  • Instructions

Galvanised Mesh $1,473
Powder Coated $1,858

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Great cat enclosure for 2 or more feline friends. Tunnels can be placed at any height and can be cut to size. You can have one tunnel to a window and the other connecting the two towers together. Towers don’t have the holes for tunnels pre cut so you can place them at any height to suit the area. You may choose to have a tower module undercover and the other in the open. When your boxes arrive the towers open in concertina style and will need to be clipped down one side the clip the roof on with the pliers and clips supplied. You can then decide here you want to place the tunnels. If only needing a short tunnel to the window you can cut the tunnel to size and join tunnels if you need them longer. Very easy to construct.

Galvanised or powder coated to match your home or surrounding areas. Powder Coating can be done in a range of colourbond colours. When ordering online don’t forget to tell us what colour you want.

*Hooks & Screws supplied & fitted to Steps & Hammock
*Climber has a door for easy access
*Hole to attach tunnel is not precut into Climber modules

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Galvanised Mesh, Powder Coated

Powder Coated

Over 20 Colourbond colours available.

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