We had the catnip enclosure installed December last year and just wanted to say that it’s puurrrfect for our new little pussycat Indy (short for indoors!)

He loves getting out into the sunshine, jumping around on the steps and hanging out on the hammock. We know that he’s safe and sound and also out of harm’s way from other neighborhood cats and roaming dogs.

I have already recommended Catnip to many other friends and will continue to do so…..for the safety of pets adored by their owners!

A friend also today installed a “branch” for Indy as a scratch pole and extra seating area. Indy was a bit wary of the cat scratcher log at first – all new smells, moss, and bark to claw off but he’s jumping around all over the place – steps, hammock etc………great fun for him (and us to watch)

We lost our previous beloved cat to the neighbor’s dogs (attacked & killed when our cat strayed into their backyard) so we’re very strict with Indy – he’s not getting outside at all – except for the catnip enclosure! So happy that we’ve got it installed.

Indy the cat

Thank you for your unique product. It works exceptionally well – providing our 2 cats with quite a degree of freedom, as well as giving them the additional benefit of being able to be outside at night time should they choose – something of course that has been denied to them before. As far as us humans are concerned, we are enjoying the return of birds as well as ease of mind, knowing that our cats aren’t stalking the wildlife or annoying our neighbors.

Freedom for cats

We LOVE our enclosure and as you can see by the picture so do our two cats George (black & white fluff ball) and Harry (ginger female ninja adventurer)

Because I was able to have my design built to fit our outdoor area exactly our cats have the best of both worlds with some of their run being outside but still under cover in our outdoor entertainment area…. and some of it out in the open air.
So it means even on rainy days they can enjoy the fresh air outside without getting wet.

George and Harry Cats

I have just had the outside enclosure fitted and am thrilled with it. ‘The Boys’ love it and I have attached a pic of them enjoying it. Though I do not have the room for anything larger, this enclosure will at least give the cats access to fresh air, sunshine and generally viewing of what’s going on in the outside world.
Thanks to Dale Miller for installing the enclosure, he is very professional and reliable. When he says he will be there at 10am – he is there then!
Once again, thank you very much.

'The Boys'