Frequently Asked Questions …

Where can I see a Cat Enclosure? (Drawings aren't quite enough help)

We have a growing number of retailers and Cat Parks which can be visited, go to Places To View

I'd like help with installation

We also have trained installers around Australia, go to Stockists and Installers.

Do I really need a pet door?

YES! YES! YES! For a modular system to work properly, it must be connected to a pet door leading to shelter.
But there are as many pet doors and substitutes as there are problems – even for rented and government properties. Your cat needs ownership of its territory for maximum success of its park.
We can supply pet doors and specialise in ‘impossible’ situations!

Would my Cat Park protect my cat from a large dog?

It depends on the dog.
Your Cat Park is designed first to protect your cat from the dangers and problems of wandering – from harmful encounters with other cats, hunting, traffic accidents, etc. Talk with us about options for extending its scope.

What colours are available?

Catnip Modular Cat Parks come in galvanised (standard) or powder coated colours. Most Colorbond colours are available.

And finally …
Where is your cat now?