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Design Ideas

You can landscape a Modular Cat Park into your garden so that it ‘disappears’ or you can turn it into a feature and a talking point.
Watch the wildlife return to your garden and enjoy happy neighbours.

Below is a series of photos from The Catnip Album.
The pictured parks were specifically designed and installed by our trained installers to meet clients special requirements and for their backyards.

Climber Garden Bed

A pet door through the brick wall joins directly into the bottom of an Exit Box. An Aerial Tunnel from the top of the Exit Box runs along the fence into the Climber in the garden. A climber in the raised garden bed is fitted with Steps & Hammocks and joined to a Toilet & Cover through a lattice fence.

Tall Towers on Pebbles

Tall Towers installed on pebbles. Pet door in window leads into a Ground Tunnel along the decking. A short Aerial Tunnel joins the tunnel on the decking to a Tall Tower. A high Aerial Tunnel is connected to another Tall Tower. Both Towers are installed onto pebbles.

Suspended Headland Red

Pet door through brick wall straight into an Exit Box. An Aerial Tunnel from the top of the Exit Box runs along the wall to another module suspended around the side of the house. Power Coated Hedland #84615 & hammocks.

Climber Pet Park Loop

Pet Door in window into an Aerial Tunnel that leads into a Tower fixed to the decking. An Aerial Tunnel from the top of the Tower Runs around the fence into another Tower. Another Arial Tunnel runs along the fence and into a Climber.

The High Playground

A shade house installed on a garage roof gives an extra high view of the neighbourhood! An aerial joins the park to a pet door in the house. The Shadehouse has a merbau decking floor. A playground is also installed on a flat part of the roof of the house for another high vantage point.

Suspended Climber Decking

Pet door through a window into a short Aerial Tunnel to an Exit Box. Another short Aerial Tunnel leads into the Toilet Module. An Exit Box up the wall joins an Aerial Tunnel suspended under the verandah. Tunnel then leads into a Climber module via a hole in the decking. Powder Coated Shade Grey #83246 with matching steps & hammocks in Windspray #85042.

Aerial Cat Park Run

The pet door opens directly into an Exit Box. An Aerial Tunnel over the door joins another Exit Box which has a Toilet off to one side. An Aerial Tunnel from the top of the Exit Box travels on the angle and is then fixed along the wall of the house around to the chimney. The Aerial Tunnel connect to a Tower in the garden. From the Tower another Aerial Tunnel joins a Climber which has a Toilet attached via a short Aerial Tunnel. *Approximately 25m of Aerial Tunnel was used.

Ironstone Cat Playground

Aerial Tunnel is supported along the verandah post, clothesline & fence to a climber and suspended playground hidden in the garden. A short aerial Tunnel connects to the Climber through the bushes to the Aerial Tunnel along the fence. Pet Door installed in rendered wall. Playground with wire & mesh floor, fable & cover and large hammock suspended by posts and hidden in the garden. Powder Coated Ironstone #ML236A

Redgum Corner Playground

Pet Door fitted into a window leads into an Aerial Tunnel which steps up around the corner and joins an extended Climber installed on red gum sleepers. The toilet is accessed via a short tunnel from the climber. An arial tunnel from the climber over pathway joins a Tower installed on redgum sleepers in the garden.

Cat Run Tree Top Tunnel

Pet door through the window straight into a tower. The Aerial Tunnel joins the top of the Tower and runs along the trees and into the top of the shad house. Note: Shadehouse has been installed with a larger reinforced door for easier access. This door is a specially made product with an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.